Our Finance scheme

We spend on your CIMA so our customers save on their shopping.

Every successful business has a successful Finance team behind it. We’re no exception. In fact, Finance is such a critical function that we take only the very best talent.

On our three year scheme you’ll experience many different parts of the business, helping you gain valuable insight to a variety of areas that the Finance function deals with. What’s more, we’ll get you involved in different and challenging projects that our Finance functions support.

This is real live work. You could be, for example, supporting the business as we make decisions on new opportunities to grow, or helping our commercial people to understand how to shape our future customer offer.

It takes the brightest graduates to succeed in Finance. Highly analytical, you’ll need a flair for working with data, not only analysing it but presenting it in an interesting way that everyone can understand. You’ll also need commercial acumen and the awareness that every penny you save for us could be a pound saved for a customer.

As well as learning on the job, you can study for professional qualifications with our full encouragement. We’ll support you through your studies for the CIMA qualification with a generous package including study leave and paying your exam fees.

If you have the talent to make numbers talk, we’re listening.